Artist Statement

My work explores the realm of the collective unconscious. By using gestural marks, color, proportion and harmony I seek to make a connection with the viewer on a prelinguistic level. I love texture and I often prepare canvasses with several layers of different textures before I begin painting.

The theme underlying all of my work is the question of Man’s place in Nature. I see it most often as a conflict; that we are no longer in harmony with Nature. I often use straight lines to represent man (machine) made, and curvilinear to represent the organic, or Nature.

In my gesture series “The Unspoken Word” I started with bold, autonomous black strokes. I then worked to resolve the chaos. My series “Threads” evolved from the gesture series. “Threads” is based on the idea of the weaving together of events, ideas, relationships, and environments over time into a life, a journey, a story. I imagine this series will be ongoing for quite some time.

Another way I represent the quality of being human in my painting is through gestural marks that I call pseudo writing. Man’s ability to create language and communicate ideas sets him apart from other species. In the “TXT” series I was thinking about the development of writing and where technology might take our communication with each other. Most of these works incorporate computer circuit boards or pieces of boards.


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