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Geoscape II

Watermedia Collage with rust, gray, blue and gold. Fossilized natural elements.

Creation Series #10

My Geoscape Series and my Creation Series are closely linked. In most of the Creation Series I was thinking of form (life) developing from a void, as in Creation Series #5. By Creation Series # 10, I was thinking about the remains of life locked in the earth and being used again for creation. This makes sense when you know that I worked for an oil and gas exploration company.

A commissioned collage made from seismic data logs.

Geoscape II

For a commission piece for a geophysicist’s office, Geoscape II, I used parts of seismic sections, contour maps, magazine photos, and colored paper. I used acrylic paint to tie it all together. The star images represent the building blocks of life from the universe and the picture of the Trilobite represents the remains of life locked in the earth. The seismic sections and contour maps represent the process of locating the remains. The other photos show parts of the drilling process to extract the remains so that it can be converted to energy.

In reflecting on what I was trying to communicate in Geoscape II, I am reminded of the exhibition I saw yesterday at the MFA-Houston, Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest and Worry Will Vanish. To me it represented the connectedness of all things.

Abstract paining with purple, grey, and turqoise elements

Creation Series #5