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About Kathy

Rice University alum. Artist.

Geoscape II

Watermedia Collage with rust, gray, blue and gold. Fossilized natural elements.

Creation Series #10

My Geoscape Series and my Creation Series are closely linked. In most of the Creation Series I was thinking of form (life) developing from a void, as in Creation Series #5. By Creation Series # 10, I was thinking about the remains of life locked in the earth and being used again for creation. This makes sense when you know that I worked for an oil and gas exploration company.

A commissioned collage made from seismic data logs.

Geoscape II

For a commission piece for a geophysicist’s office, Geoscape II, I used parts of seismic sections, contour maps, magazine photos, and colored paper. I used acrylic paint to tie it all together. The star images represent the building blocks of life from the universe and the picture of the Trilobite represents the remains of life locked in the earth. The seismic sections and contour maps represent the process of locating the remains. The other photos show parts of the drilling process to extract the remains so that it can be converted to energy.

In reflecting on what I was trying to communicate in Geoscape II, I am reminded of the exhibition I saw yesterday at the MFA-Houston, Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest and Worry Will Vanish. To me it represented the connectedness of all things.

Abstract paining with purple, grey, and turqoise elements

Creation Series #5

Synergy Art Show, Houston, TX

While I’ve been in Europe, two of my pieces have been hanging in the Synergy group art show in Houston, TX at the Northwoods Presbyterian Church on FM1960.

“Song” and “Song 2” are both 16” x 20” colorful acrylic paintings on canvas. The realistic brilliant song birds contrast with the abstracted swirling background. Both are part of my series entitled “Harmonics.”


“Song” from “Harmonics” series
16″x20″ Acrylic on canvas

Song 2 acrylic on canvas

“Song 2” from “Harmonics” series
16″x20″ Acrylic on canvas

Coming Soon! Prints for Sale

I will be posting prints of these works for sale on Society6 and Fine Art America in the very near future. I’ll let you know when I get those shops set up and where you can find more of my work.

I enjoy being part of the Synergy Art Group and I think you would enjoy the diversity and quality of their art. Check out our Facebook page.
Thank you!
~ MK Farr

Meaning of my painting “Friends 1”

Friends 1

Friends 1

Welcome to my blog — a place to try to put into words what I have already put on paper or canvas. I’d love to have comments from other artists or interested parties. A synergy of ideas would be interesting. By the way, “Synergy” is the name of an art group I belong to that has a Facebook page.

When ideas come to me, if the urge is strong, I don’t ask why I have the idea, I just start drawing or painting. When the work is finished I analyze it based on artistic elements, not subject matter. However, the world wants to know “why”, so now comes the hard part.

I think all artists paint firstly for the joy of painting. Next come color decisions if the medium is watercolor. In the painting “Friends 1” I wanted that red hair contrasted with the yellow green of the background – a basically warm painting. I love that Gibson Girl hair — a stylized female that I was using as a feminine element, which I really think represents me.

The cat is mine, but how many meanings can a cat as a symbol represent? Here she represents a contrast (opposite) to the rooster. And why a rooster? I’m attracted and amused by the variety of fancy chickens. However, all the crossbreeding and gene manipulation might not be a good thing. More on contrasts and opposites later.

The eyes in the painting are important; eyes are a window to the soul. I was definitely influenced by the Klimt paintings I was reading about at the time I was painting this.